Our products are available in packs of 6’s, 12’s, 18’s and 24. The beautifully designed packs add to the overall experience, especially when you are gifting. Customized choice of chocolates can be made.

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6’s Pack

Inspired by the mandala art, the 6’s box has a seek design in which you can choose from our range of chocolates for yourself and your loved ones.

12’s Pack

The Alchemy Chocolates 12’s box in a rich royal blue color and with an intricate pattern makes a classy statement.

18’s Pack

Steeped  in vibrant colors and adorned with an eye catching geometic design, our 18’s box is the perfect gift for happy occassions.

24’s Pack.

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 Our 24’s pack with its exquisite and timeless floral pattern is truly the jewel in the Alchemy crown. Timeless.